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Darwin's Bassoon

This audio installation investigates the processes of nature through harmonic sound waves. In Dawrin's Bassoon, touch-sensitive plants respond to viewer interaction with changing soundscapes.  The project is inspired by the scientific experiment of Charles Darwin and Indian botanist T.G. Singh.

"The installation is comprised of five waist-high tables, each sixteen inches square and surmounted with a wooden trellis-like structure that reaches above the viewer's head. Scattered throughout the gallery, the tables each carry one small Mimosa pudica plant, while growing lights suspended in the trellises above the Mimosa provide the only illumination. The viewer's proximity to the structures triggers programs of field recordings of bird calls, heard at each table through a pair of miniature loudspeakers, representing in total some twenty species. Meanwhile, each of the five stations is further associated with a particular ecosystem." - Randal Davis, Artweek

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